Carboplatin Paraplatin Injection Available in INDIA

Carboplatin (Paraplatin) manufactured by Pfizer Inc. Paraplatin is generic version of Carboplatin comes in 50 mg/5 mL, 150 mg/15 mL and 450 mg/45 mL injection forms.

Carboplatin is drug utilized alone or in pairing with other drugs in the treatment method of advanced ovarian (organs where eggs are formed) tumor and in lung cancer when therapy with other prescription drugs have failed. It is also oftentimes utilized to deal with melanoma of bladder and uterus; head and neck; cervix and testicles; Wilms' cancer (a type of kidney cancer that happens in children) specific forms of brain cancers neuroblastoma (a cancer that starts in nerve cells and happens generally in children) and retinoblastoma (cancer in the eye).

What are generally suggestions as well as utilization of

Carboplatin (Paraplatin) Injection is suggested for:

  • The early treatment method of sophisticated ovarian carcinoma in recognized pairing with other permitted chemotherapeutic agents. One recognized combination regimen is made up of PARAPLATIN and cyclophosphamide.


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Is Carboplatin obtainable in India?

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